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Top Logo Mat Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A company’s logo mats deliver an advertising message and convey its brand value. They are often the first impression that customers will see.

A logo floor mat needs to quickly communicate its messaging and look great. It also needs to be durable and functional. Fortunately, Devon offers a variety of styles that can meet all of these needs.
1. Not Keeping It Simple

Logo mats are a great way for businesses to show off their brand image. They can also be used to convey safety messages, promote employee morale or even announce special events.

When selecting a design for a logo mat, it’s important to keep in mind that visitors will only have a few seconds to see the message or design before they move on. So, it’s best to minimize the clutter by keeping the design simple and utilizing colors that pop.

Printed logo mats use liquid dye that can rub off, blur out or fade over time. Inlaid logo mats are made using a process that results in a crisper, richer color and graphics that won’t fade or wear over time. This makes them an excellent choice for long-term point of purchase applications.
2. Not Using The Right Orientation

Logo mats are a valuable asset to any facility. They help to keep entranceways clean and safe while boosting facility branding efforts. However, there are several common design mistakes to avoid when designing a logo mat.

Minimize Ultimate Mats
In general, simpler designs are better. This is primarily due to the fact that simple designs are crisper and more easily read. Additionally, it’s important to remember that logo mats will be placed on the floor, where guests will generally only have a few seconds to notice the design or slogan.

It is also important to select the proper orientation when designing a logo mat. This is because a mat in a landscape orientation will be positioned across an entryway in a horizontal fashion, and a mat in a portrait orientation will be extended inward from an entranceway in a vertical fashion.
3. Not Using The Right Colors

Logo mats are a valuable addition to any facility for both their safety benefits and their ability to forward marketing or branding messages. Since they don’t have to compete with other signage or banners for attention, logo mats offer a unique opportunity for effective communication.

Colors on a logo mat should match the company’s current colors, employee uniforms, and other facility decor. This helps guests more easily associate the mat with the business and gives the appearance of consistency and care.

When choosing mat colors, remember that darker colors tend to wash out logos. Lighter colors, however, make them stand out more. Depending on the design chosen, you may want to opt for either a landscape or portrait orientation. This will depend on the type of mat you purchase, the width of your entryway and how you’ll be positioning the mat within your space.
4. Using Too Many Words

Branded logo mats are an important part of the way a business is perceived by customers, prospects and employees. They also help to create a good first impression and encourage brand recall at a subconscious level.

However, if your custom logo mats contain too many words or are too complicated they will not have the desired impact. It is important that the message is clear and concise – remember that people see thousands of logos every day, so yours needs to be able to grab their attention in less than a second.

At Devon, our HD printing and Pantone match ensures that your branding and imagery is faithfully reproduced on your mats. We can even include messages aimed at inspiring your visitors or staff, such as motivational phrases or school mottos.
5. Using Too Much Clutter

In a world that is oversaturated with tiny messages vying for attention, smart marketing cuts through the clutter and delivers impactful messages that resonate. Logo mats offer a unique opportunity to do just that.

A custom logo mat allows businesses to introduce guests to their brand ethos and core values in an impactful way. It also provides an effective point of sale display and is perfect for restaurants, shops, coffee houses, and other commercial spaces.

In most cases, the simpler the design, the better. For starters, simple designs are crisper and easier to read. Additionally, consider that a logo mat will generally be viewed by guests who will pass over the mat and have only a few seconds to observe any design, message, or branding.

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