Lowon Gan Kerjas Others Overview Plus Rewards Involving CO2 Laser Marking Equipment

Overview Plus Rewards Involving CO2 Laser Marking Equipment

For much more than hundreds of years, professionals have used the Glass marking method to meet a vast variety of industrial requirements. During the past, the techniques included in marking of glass had been sand blasting stamp marking, acid etching, air grit and scribing and so on. Despite the talked about standard strategies have their possess benefits this kind of approaches require immediate make contact with with the glass area or the merchandise, which expose the product to a variety of likely damages.

Listed here comes the part of CO2 laser marking equipment that offers numerous important rewards in marking of industrial glass items. Here, you will locate an RF fired up sealed CO2 laser beam blended with galvanized head as nicely as computer software to offer customers with the cleanliest, quickest and the most reputable way to mark and etch glass.

Overview on CO2 Laser Marking Device

CO2 laser marking the glass by employing bar codes, especially in the sort of information matrix based mostly bar code, which end users may very easily couple with vision techniques to go through the info effortlessly existing in the respective bar code.

Application of bar codes on the glass, as a result allows monitoring of the merchandise in its complete way starting from its generation treatment to up to its closing assembly. In this way, CO2-based mostly laser marking or laser chopping equipment can make certain about constant yet un-interrupted source of a variety of glass goods. dpm-id.de/technik and women might even use the laser marked bar code following their sale the product for even more identification and validation methods.

How CO2 Laser Method is Helpful

Now, let us have a search on the frequent advantages of CO2 laser marking device.

Avoids make contact with with the glass part in its scribing to minimize the chance related with the harm or breakage of the merchandise or any of its components. In addition, the strategy avoids routine maintenance essential in the respective scribe device.
Gets rid of the software of any solvent, cleansing agent or thinning agent and maintains the stock properly. In this way, the most current CO2 methods lessen operational fees substantially and eliminates any want connected to a consistent upkeep of the item.
The technique removes the usage of pads to carry out ink printing and to keep the glass, as the CO2 laser beam falls in angular sample to permit the printed graphic to seem in the sides instead in a sq..
Final, but not the the very least, in the latest method, end users do not need halting of the glass in its place and generating positive about securing suit by the aid of a rubber mask.

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