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A steward is anyone faced with a responsibility to get excellent care of the which is not their thus liable to provide a complete bill of their stewardship ” It is needed that the steward be found loyal”1 corinthians4vs2. Every steward is accountable to the one who appointed him or to his master, in this case a nation and its natural or financial assets are God’s home and people are God’s creation. We’re faced with responsibility and work whether as politicians, clergymen, neighborhood leaders or conventional management to Manage, Develop and Maintain what Lord has created.

Two phrases may again and again come out when you find the phrase stewardship in any situation,” Obligation” and “accountability” We are to preserve the nation from spiritual,fairly,inexpensive and social problem and contamination by any means. We’re to handle, build and preserve the national, social economical, spiritual and community affairs and properly handle the national resources, national investments, and national treasury. We’ve a duty and responsibility to enhance the social, economical and moral requirements of our communities as church leaders. it’s sad that the church eliminated such a thing which requires community.

Ungodly people damaged society, Corruption is in fact crime and disgusting wickedness which delays the cultural, political , economical and religious progress of a country. Each time a nation denounces the authority of Lord and godly concept of governance a seed of rot and erosion of morality, justice, peace, strength and driving a car of God takes place. This can lead a state in to a critical cultural and ethical dysfunction beyond individual comprehension.

Neighborhood control is ordained by Lord and not by man, based on the guide of Romans13:1 both the government and its citizens has responsibility towards each other and also towards God whilst the creator and manager of everything. Everybody wants to take care of national duty and national leadership as sacred God is concerned how exactly we concept and how exactly we govern his persons, though in culture nowadays we may have different types of methods but the last account will undoubtedly be given to God. The principle of God through Godly leadership by prophets or priest or clergy is named a theocracy.

In any feeling man must be governed specially when man denies God Why?, If person isn’t governed by such a thing we will experience chaos.1Timothy1vs8-9 Democracy it self is not really a biblical process or get but the word government has again and again seemed in the scriptures Romans13:2. While democracy is the job of person through viewpoint and best political books 2019, government and authority ids ordained by God. Icon politician Margret Thatcher once admitted in a community presentation that “We can’t allow it to be without religion” What she intended was we can not make it without God; A godless society can be an evil society.


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