Experience the Best Of Samsung Galaxy A12 Features

Experience the ultimate in entertainment with the Samsung Galaxy A12. Expand your view to this amazing 6.5-inch Infinity-V LCD of the Samsung Galaxy A12 to see exactly what you have been missing. Samsung Galaxy A12 Experience the best of mobile phone technology in the world of Samsung. Experience HD+ quality with the Samsung Galaxy A12.

Samsung has built the technology to deliver you the ultimate viewing pleasure. With the Samsung Galaxy A12, you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy the benefits of Samsung’s own curved screen which offers a larger viewing area of your TV. Plus the wide viewing angle of this device will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Super AMOLED technology. With Samsung’s XL classification, there is a wider color spectrum to enjoy, delivering more vibrant colors than any other LCD TVs currently available.

Enjoy a true viewing experience through the HDMI output port of the Samsung Galaxy A12. Connect to your home theatre system or connect your personal computer (PC) to your TV for a truly immersive experience. This will give you a true home entertainment quality display. You will be able to watch your favourite DVD’s, TV shows and even music videos.

Experience a high performance from your Samsung Galaxy A12. Get the ultimate viewing pleasure with the quad HD Plus technology. The Samsung Galaxy A12 has a wide colour spectrum to offer a great color depth to its screens. Plus, there are also some amazing features including the Screen Assist, which allows you to control your TV by sliding your fingers along the touch sensitive screens.

With the Samsung Galaxy A12, you get the benefits of touch screen technology with the Note feature. There is no more having to physically touch the screen to get the menu or controls to work. This feature makes it easy to access all the things that you want to quickly. Plus, you can also use the Samsung Galaxy A12’s bundled infrared remote controller, which is perfect for those rare moments when you need to play your favorite board game, manage your online games, or connect your Samsung Galaxy A12 to your home entertainment system.

With the bundled S Pen, you will get the best in writing ability. You can write on the Samsung Galaxy A12 or your Note Pro using the pen. This means no more missed calls or notes, everything you write will appear clearly and quickly on the screen. All of these features and more are available on the Samsung Galaxy A12 depending on the color or model you get.

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