Connectivity Options Of The Vivo S1

The brand new Vivo S1 has been launched by the world’s leading handset makers. It comes with an impressive collection of features and capabilities that have made it a perfect gadget for all those who are fond of high performing smartphones. People can make use of it either as a mobile phone or a PDA if they wish to do so! The device has an impressive resolution of 13 megapixels along with features such as a dual camera set up as well as a Super AMOLED touch screen. Along with all these features, it also comes with a sleek design, a powerful battery as well as high quality audio chips to make sure that calls are made with ease.

The Vivo S1 comes with a MediaTek Helio P 65SoC which is the first mobile phone from the brand to do so. All the phones manufactured by MediaTek have been able to keep pace with the competition. However, the Vivo S1 has also been able to retain its lead over the others thanks to some remarkable features such as a 2.5D curved display and the excellent battery backup. The battery backup is one of the major unique aspects of this handset. It enables users to enjoy the benefits of a large built-in memory with plenty of space to spare.

vivo s1 One of the most impressive aspects of the Vivo S1 smartphone is its unbeatable combination of cutting edge technology and top notch hardware. The combination helps to give users access to high definition video as well as true to life photos. The high definition camera is a first for a handset from the Indian manufacturer that has managed to bring along a digital camera with a powerful zoom. The other features such as the multimedia messaging facility, Bluetooth connectivity, fast data sharing facilities and the excellent multi-tasking performance make this handset a great deal.

The connectivity options on the Vivo S1 include GPRS, EDGE and Dual SIM which gives you a great level of freedom in choosing your network. Dual SIM cards help users to change over to another network easily whenever required. The striking camera of this smartphone also makes it stand out. It has an eight megapixel resolution camera which has a very good auto-focus system which promises a point and shoot performance every time.

One of the latest handsets from the India based manufacturer is the Vivo S1 with a stunning and advanced feature – the finger print scanner. This smartphone has been equipped with thekiwi skin which gives the device a unique skin design. This skin acts as an inbuilt fingerprint scanner which allows users to simply snap their finger print and instantly gain access to their preferred contacts. The super AMOLED screen with capacitance offers bright and crisp display viewing along with impressive contrast levels. The dual engine fast heart rate monitor also helps the user to measure his heartbeat rate accurately. The innovative Qi charging system of this gadget helps to charge the phone without any clutter or wires.

Apart from the impressive hardware, the software of this handset is also worth mentioning. The application of these applications help to provide users with a rich browsing experience. These apps are available for free on the Google play store. Apart from this, the connectivity offered by the Vivo S1 makes it perfect for travelling. The connectivity options of this handset are really great that one can say that it is as good as any high end smart phone.

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